Incident Reports

Dear Official,

Last season, USA Hockey launched and tested an online game reporting system that will more efficiently monitor and track those infractions that warrant additional disciplinary follow-up. Several Affiliates tested the system and made several suggestions that have been incorporated in this year’s version. Some of these changes on the administration side are still taking place and will be incorporated once completed and tested. However, the product that you – the official – will see is what is available to you right now.

Your District/Affiliate has indicated they would like to utilize the system this season. Attached is a detailed instruction sheet on how to access the system and to complete the online game report. Those infractions that have been identified by your District/Affiliate that require a game report should be submitted through this system. We trust you will find the system to be efficient, user-friendly and more accurate than anything you have used before.

Please feel free to contact USA Hockey ( with any questions you may have or if you are having trouble completing the form. In the meantime, best wishes for a successful season and thank you for your continued dedication to officiating.

USA Hockey Officiating Program

Game Reporting Instructions (.pdf)

Incident Report System Presentation (.ppt download)